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As an artist you are likely to receive requests for the use of your art in various projects. The business of art reproduction is an active one and is engaged in by a great number of industries from traditional print (books, magazines, newspapers) and electronic media publishers, to advertising agencies, video, film, and television producers, as well as manufacturers of greeting cards, posters and other merchandise. Requests for your work have artistic, legal and financial ramifications that require time and energy as well as knowledge of the domestic and international laws that protect your rights. ARS can help you to manage the rights process by clearing permission for the legitimate reproduction of your art, in keeping with your express wishes and instructions. We are also able to monitor the use and potential abuse of your artist’s rights worldwide.

There is no fee for membership in ARS. Revenues received by ARS from reproduction and license fees are remitted to members or their designated representatives on a semi-annual basis. Payments to our members are accompanied by a report detailing the title of the work utilized, the name of the publisher or manufacturer, the nature of the usage, and the sum collected for same. ARS retains a minor percentage to cover its administrative costs. All the non-revenue producing work done by ARS, such as lobbying, policing and prevention, is done at its own expense, and none is apportioned to the artist. Artists need to bear in mind that ARS is not an agent and does not promote the sale of artists’ works, nor does it perform the functions of a gallery or assist our members in finding a gallery.


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